Yoshinobu Ohta

Our Chief Instructor is Yoshinobu Ohta, 7th Dan. Ohta Sensei is a graduate of Takushoku University and has also attended the famous Instructors Classes at JKA Headquarters in Japan. Takushoku University in Japan has a tremendous reputation as one of Japan’s strongest Karate clubs and the club coach Ishikawa Sensei encouraged Sensei Ohta to continue studying karate. Many of the JKA’s top sensei’s including Masters Nakayama and Enoeda had previously graduated from Takushoku.

After leaving university he decided to continue with Karate at the JKA. Sensei Tsuyama chief instructor of the Takushoku University Karate Club encouraged Sensei Ohta to train at the highly prestigious JKA instructors classes where Sensei Ohta soon found himself training alongside such respected names as Sensei’s Shoji, Asai, Abe, Tanaka, Osaka, Kagawa and Yahara. It was also common practice at this time for Sensei Nakayama to teach and assist during classes.

In 1982, Sensei Ohta was selected by Sensei Enoeda to come to England and become his assistant. From 1982-2003 Ohta Sensei was the assistant to Keinosuke Enoeda, 9th Dan. In the following twenty years Sensei Ohta had build up a reputation as a very popular and technically brilliant senior instructor in his own right. It was during this time he gained an international reputation for being one of the most technically skilled JKA instructors. In 2003, following the death of his mentor Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Ohta was appointed as the chief instructor of JKA England and has built up the association from strength to strength.

In April 2010 Sensei Ohta passed the examination for 7th Dan in front of the JKA’s most senior technical committee at the JKA HQ Honbu Dojo in Tokyo.