Edward Broomes

Edward Broomes (Eddie) embarked upon a karate career in the late 1970’s which was initiated by his father and obtained a reputable status with the infamous Reading Apollo Karate Club, which has commanded the unprecedented status of one – if not – the best Karate Clubs in Southern England.

In 1988 the achievement of 1ST Dan awarded by Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda.

Despite a lengthy interruption in training, achieved 2ND Dan success in 2001 again awarded by Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda. Continued training and a relentless positive attitude assisted by Sensei Giuseppe D’onofrio bought a much deserved 3RD Dan in 2010, awarded by Sensei Masaaki Ueki – Sensei Minoru Kawawada and Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta. The most recent addition to his Karate portfolio has been qualifications as JKA Instructor and Referee. Shortly after gaining 1st Dan Edward began a Kumite (Free Sparring) career with achievements including Quarter Final Status in the National Kugb Championships 1988. 2NDin the London Open Martial Arts Championships 1991. 3rd in the National JKA Championships 2010 and Quarter Final status in the National JKA Championships 2011. Edwards favourite technique has been (Ashi Barai) leg sweep – which became a trade mark of his and bought many victories. To date Edward is a proud member of the JKA National Squad and represented JKA in 2011 during friendly internationals.

Eddie has currently achieved 4th Dan and also reaching level 1 instructor and level 1judge and referee and aiming to a achieve international qualifications in 2015.

A memorable Karate moment for him was during the National Kugb Championships when Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta approached him in the spectators stand to congratulate him on a victory against one of the infamous Red Triangle Competitors Sensei Jimmy Brennan.